CPAlead launches new achievements and rewards!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 20:41

It’s been a while since our last update, but I just wanted to get the word out about CPAlead’s new fantastic features. As the pioneers of the content locking industry, CPAlead continues to improve their features and services to users around the world. They were one of the first to have a publisher chatroom with a lottery system, where you can simply enter /lotto in chat to receive up to a 25% earning bonus for the day. Since then, they’ve added even more publisher perks, such as daily giveaways, and achievements.

Let’s start with the good rewards, then head on to the even better rewards.

Bonuses of the Day:

Every day of the week (with the exception of Friday) is something different at CPAlead. If lucky, you get additional bonuses for for entering /lotto in chat for that day.

Big Lotto Mondays: Each Monday, each Affiliate who earns $5 or more will have a chance to win a 15% bonus on ALL of their earnings for 24 hours. There MUST be a winner each and every single Monday.

Twenty Dollar Tuesdays: Earn $20 and win $20! Earn $20 on any Tuesday and you will have a 1/5 chance of doubling that $20 into $40. This is in addition to any other lotto bonus you may have on the day!

Lotto Wednesdays: Earn $5 and get up to 12% bonus earnings for 24 hours! Anyone who earns $5 receives a bonus lotto scratch that will give them an additional 3%-12% on top of what they get from their first one.

Prize Thursdays: Every Thursday, CPAlead will be giving away iPads, iPods, Android Tablets, Beats by Dre Headphones and more! Affiliates who earn a minimum of $5 on the day are entered into a random draw for a prize. This is in addition to your normal daily lotto winnings.

Second Saturdays: Earn $10 on Saturday and win up to 20% bonus for 24 hours! You will automatically receive a scratch in the regular lotto as well. Of the two scratches, we’ll take whichever result is higher for you!

Ballin Sundays: Earn $100 on a sunday and you’ll have a 1/10 chance to DOUBLE your earnings and WIN $100!



Achievements are one of the newest perks at CPAlead. For every dollar you earn in CPA revenue , you get one thousand achievement points.

Achievement points get accumulated towards your monthly achievement points, and is also added towards your lifetime achievement points. At the end of the month, your monthly achievement points will reset, but the points will still be available as your lifetime achievement points.

As for rewards, there are rewards for both monthly achievements, and lifetime achievements. For monthly achievements, you would have to earn x points within the month to achieve. For lifetime achievements, you can earn them whenever you’ve earned x points in the network.

Below is a table of the available prizes for Monthly and Lifetime: link

Points Required ($1 = 1,000) to Rewards Listing

Monthly Rewards

  • 25,000: $1 Cash Reward
  • 50,000: 2% Bonus for 2 Hours
  • 100,000: 2% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 120,000: 2% Bonus for 8 Hours
  • 190,000: 3% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 280,000: 4% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 370,000: 5% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 550,000: 7% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 1,000,000: 10% Bonus for 3 Hours
  • 10,000,000: 6% Bonus for 24 Hours + CPAlead T-Shirt + CPAlead Decal Stickers + $25 Gift card of Choice

Lifetime Rewards

  • 1,000: $1 Cash Reward
  • 10,000: 1% Bonus for 1 Hour
  • 20,000: 2% Bonus for 2 Hours
  • 40,000: 3% Bonus for 3 Hours
  • 75,000: 4% Bonus for 4 Hours
  • 101,000: 3% Bonus for 6 Hours
  • 250,000: 3% Bonus for 8 Hours + CPAlead Decal Stickers (Regular Pack) + CPAlead Medallion
  • 500,000: $25 Gift Card of Choice + CPAlead T-Shirt
  • 1,000,000: CPAlead T-Shirt + Special Edition Pack of Decal Stickers
  • 10,000,000: CPAlead “Gold” Trophy
  • 25,000,000: New iPad
  • 50,000,000: CPAlead “Platinum” Trophy + CPAlead T-Shirt + Collector Edition Stickers
  • 100,000,000: Playstation 4 or Xbox One + 3 Games of your choice
  • 200,000,000: Round Trip Airfare and VIP Hotel Accommodations to Las Vegas to meet CPAlead + Lamborghini Rental + CPAlead Master Trophy

Redemption Prompt: link


Conclusion: While the monthly prizes may seem alright, I feel that the lifetime prizes definitely is something worth talking about. By simply earning $500 in revenue with CPAlead, they provide you with Decal Stickers, a Medallion, a CPAlead T-Shirt and a $25 gift card of choice. If I was a power publisher, I’d still say that round trip airfare to Vegas with a Lamborghini rental is a great perk to earning $200,000, I’m about 15% to the grand prize if you count my earnings before the achievement systems. I guess a few more years of monetizing with CPAlead and I may get a PS4, iPad, RT vegas trip and a Lambo rental!



If you haven’t already signed up with CPAlead, do it now!

Exclusive Automated Raffle Script available for rent!

Monday, January 31, 2011 3:02

Raffles and daily giveaways have always been a big deal here at WhyCPAlead. Many of our services currently gives away products through these types of raffle. However, you may have seen our new raffle script implemented on numerous websites recently, and that is because it is now commercially available for rent! After countless hours of development, the raffle script is now available for rent to any domain owners. The script is hosted by and can be pointed to from your domain name, or subdomain if pointed to our DNS servers. The script currently supports Adscendmedia and CPAlead. It is going to support many more ad networks in the following few weeks. Prices start at $10 a month, for up to $25 of revenue, or $20 a month for unlimited. If you’d like to upgrade from $10 to unlimited plan, upgrade fee is $15. Continue reading for more information about the features and demonstration of script.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011 0:48
A chance of winning big every day!

I have recently released yet another giveaway / raffle type website this time giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Card every 24 hours. From completing just one quick survey a day, you would be eligible to win a giftcard valued at $5 at the online superstore, Amazon. If you’re feeling lucky, or have time to complete a survey, feel free to enter! Minimum of 5 contestants per day to initiate raffle! Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Free $5 Dominos Pizza Giftcard Giveaway!

Monday, December 13, 2010 5:45
Posted in category General, Our Services

Daily $5 Dominos Giftcard Giveaway!

Entrants for 12/31/69 raffle

    Last 10 winners of raffle

    1. 04/19/11: Petes S. won out of 1 entrants. (info)
    2. 04/13/11: Chelsea H. won out of 2 entrants. (info)
    3. 04/08/11: Bryan W. won out of 6 entrants. (info)
    4. 04/04/11: Ryan F. won out of 6 entrants. (info)
    5. 03/28/11: Samuel H. won out of 13 entrants. (info)
    6. 03/27/11: Nathan L. won out of 24 entrants. (info)
    7. 03/16/11: Niraj P. won out of 3 entrants. (info)
    8. 03/14/11: Justin K. won out of 1 entrants. (info)
    9. 02/17/11: Matt H. won out of 1 entrants. (info)
    10. 12/13/10: Matt H. won out of 11 entrants. (info)

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    Daily Free 3-Month Xbox Live Trial Subscription Giveaway

    Thursday, December 2, 2010 3:28
    Posted in category Our Services


    Note: This service still works if you rather participate in the daily raffle, but you are able to collect credits on XboxTrial to redeem a 3-Month code!

    Daily Xbox Live 3-Month Trial Giveaway!

    Entrants for 02/20/12 raffle

    1. Raffle id: #11225 entered by Henri M. on 02/17/12 4:12 am PST LOST
    2. Raffle id: #11229 entered by Jaap G. on 02/17/12 4:01 pm PST LOST
    3. Raffle id: #11230 entered by Jaap G. on 02/17/12 4:08 pm PST LOST
    4. Raffle id: #11232 entered by Mowie A. on 02/17/12 5:13 pm PST LOST
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    8. Raffle id: #11238 entered by Onur C. on 02/18/12 6:17 am PST LOST
    9. Raffle id: #11239 entered by Onur C. on 02/18/12 6:27 am PST LOST
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    11. Raffle id: #11236 entered by Mawe I. on 02/18/12 12:03 pm PST LOST
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    19. Raffle id: #11247 entered by Onur C. on 02/19/12 2:02 pm PST WON
    20. Raffle id: #11253 entered by Anish P. on 02/20/12 11:14 am PST LOST
    21. Raffle id: #11260 entered by Mark C. on 02/20/12 11:53 am PST LOST

    Last 10 winners of raffle

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    2. 11/17/12: Marc L. won out of 29 entrants. (info)
    3. 11/04/12: Dominique A. won out of 25 entrants. (info)
    4. 10/21/12: Franken W. won out of 10 entrants. (info)
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    6. 08/23/12: Jean F. won out of 10 entrants. (info)
    7. 07/29/12: Michael C. won out of 10 entrants. (info)
    8. 07/22/12: Basten P. won out of 12 entrants. (info)
    9. 07/09/12: Belinda L. won out of 20 entrants. (info)
    10. 07/06/12: Eric H. won out of 10 entrants. (info)

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